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The Most Exquisite Golf Courses In Dubai


Dubai is home to some of the best and the biggest events in the world.

From the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to leading gold tournaments, Dubai has it all. If you are an avid sports fan or want to entertain your clients at a corporate sports hospitality event then Dubai is the place you should go. If golfing is the kind of sport you are most interested in then Dubai has some really exquisite Golf Courses.

The first golf course we have on our list is called the Abu Dhabi National. This is an 18-hole champion’s golf course and is the home of the PGA European Tour Abu Dhabi Golf Championship.  This is a fairly tough but challenging course to play on. Spread over 162 hectares, this golf course features some of the best golfing facilities in the region.

The second most exquisite golf course we have on our list is called the Yas Links. This is one of the most unique golf courses around the world. Not only is this one an amazing course to play on but it also features one of the richest eco systems of birds and marine life which makes the whole ambiance and the setting of the course all the more desirable.

The last, but by no means least, golf course on our list is called the Saadiyat Beach Golf Club. This golf course is famously known as one of the most challenging golf courses around the world. This golf course has been designed to attract the best golfers from around the world to come and try to finish this course in the best way possible.golfcourse

These are some of the best golf playing grounds that you will find around the world. If you are an avid traveller and a golfer then you should definitely head to Dubai for a once in a life time experience and test your skills on these courses.


Organising Your Own Corporate Hospitality Sports Is A Mistake

expatsportsCorporate sports hospitality isn’t something that can be planned overnight. There are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration while planning a corporate sports event for your clients.
It is quite difficult to manage or organise an event and remember every last minor detail, especially if the organisation or company is quite large. This is the reason why it is highly recommended that you hire professionals to create the perfect event for you.
Corporate event organisers are highly trained and experienced professionals who know how to arrange the exact kind of corporate event you want.

These professionals have experience of organising hundreds of corporate hospitality sports events and a lot of other types of events which is why they should be your first priority.
Corporate sports events hold great significance and there is no space for making mistakes. One mistake could jeopardise a deal with an important client. Of course, the mistake would have to be pretty substantial but imagine how good it would look if every last minor detail was perfect … You will look great and so will your business.
It is important to give the best impression possible for new or existing clients, so it is highly recommended that you call the professionals and let them create an event that is completely unique and ensures you continue to build your relationships in the most stylish ways possible.