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2013 Formula 1 Season Kicks Off With a Surprise Victory For Raikkonen

kimi raikkonenThe race is on.

The 2013 Formula 1 season has officially begun and boy is it shaping up to be one sizzler of a contest and a true test of will, skill and dominance on the race track.

Fans were in for a shocker from the very beginning. The first race which took place in Australia last week resulted in the surprise victory for 2007 Formula One Champion, Kimi Raikkonen. Many were expecting three-time World Champion, Sebastian Vettel to set things in motion.

Vettel, the current defending champion sporting the Red Bull car, was looking all set to finish first on the podium however only managed to secure 3rd place in the end. Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso finished second.

massa1-lgThe pleasantly unexpected result has essentially split the race wide open. Some experts are already predicting that there will be a new champion this year and many car drivers are already fancying themselves as the next Formula One World Champion. While Finnish driver Raikkonen may find himself in the driving seat after the first race victory, fellow drivers Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton are not far behind. And with Fernando Alonso finishing second and Sebastian Vettel receiving a wakeup call after his first loss of the season, it’s now anybody’s champion.

You can be a part of the action and catch all the excitement as it happens live. With 17 more races to go before the big finale in Brazil at the end of this year, people from all over the world will have an opportunity to get in the driver’s seat and watch the action unfold right before their eyes. The race now shifts to scenic Kuala Lumpur where Formula 1 drivers will get another chance abu dhabi gpto make their mark on March 24th. The Monaco Grand Prix will follow soon after, taking place in the sizzling summer of Monte Carlo on May 26th. Abu Dhabi Formula One fans will also get to see their favorite race car drivers put the pedal to the metal on November 3rd just three weeks before the final race in Sao Paulo. Fans should start buying F1 tickets in advance. The only thing worse than missing out on the action is knowing you could have been part of it had you booked tickets in time.

Will fans be witnessing any more surprise victories in the future? Will we have a new champion in 2013? Will Raikkonen be able to capitalize on his dream start and maintain the lead? Or will Sebastian Vettel come back from behind and regain the World title for a record fourth time. Come November we will have our answers.